Clare was working for another cleaning company as the operations manager. She didn’t have any say in the day to day running of the business as she was reporting to the business owner however this caused Clare frustrations as she wasn’t able to grow and develop the business how she thought would be best for the clients.

Working for someone else is always challenging as you have to follow their direction when they are the business owner, however when you are the one working in the business day to day this can become frustrating that you don’t have the freedom to develop the direction you choose.

This situation can and is ignored by many people every day and year however with Clare it became to much, she knew that if she did ignore it then she would end up leaving this job and starting a new job within the cleaning industry and having a lot of the same issues therefore she knew she had to go and find something she would be able to grow and develop herself.

Clare’s main concerns were never running her own business, she had the basic concerns about how much money she would make as she was looking to save money to buy her first house.

Clare spent time with the Home Clean Solutions team to get an idea of what support would be available to her and what the financials would look like. Being very new to business extra time was spent to explain through a budget sheet and shown previous examples of how much people have made in the last 12 months. This meant that Clare was able to set targets to achieve her house deposit and had a clear target of what she was aiming for.

The benefit of working with a company like Home Clean Solutions is that we can help you set a target to achieve and we will also help you achieve these targets. It’s not just to set the target and let you run. It is an opportunity to learn and develop your skills as a business owner.

Clare started working with Home Clean Solutions and was immediately able to start to grow her business gaining her first 6 clients in 2 weeks and securing an additional 3 deep clean jobs. This helped her build her confidence and quickly continue to grow her business.

Clare had the support to give her the confidence to develop her business. She was able to attack the challenge of building the business more aggressively than she would have alone as she had the support to help her if she had any questions through a team of dedicated office team. She also had a clear strategy of how to achieve her goal rather than just trying everything and not having the plan of how to test and measure the outcomes.

Clare has recommended Home Clean Solutions Franchises to other colleagues who used to work with her in her original cleaning company. She has done this as she has seen how easy it can be to start and develop a franchise using the Home Clean Solutions Franchise System.


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