How to promote your cleaning business

Every second of every day you need to be making sure you are promoting your cleaning business, if you aren’t then the truth is you aren’t growing but not everyone can see clearly what they can do to grow their cleaning business, in Home Clean Solutions we give you over 50 different methods of promoting your business, here we outline a few of the key points to know for when you promote your business.


Make sure before you start to prospect you know who you are going to prospect, there’s an old saying that if you target everyone you are targeting no one. What is meant by this is what services are you going to offer? Are you going to be a commercial cleaning company targeting offices, pubs, and restaurants or an end-of-build company or a domestic cleaning company or solely working with letting agents?

You have to decide who to target because if you create a flyer for a letting agent talking about how good you are at end of tenancy cleans and present this to a commercial business they will think you have delivered it to the wrong place. You need to make sure you have customized your pitch to the person, business, or industry you are prospecting to otherwise you may be wasting your time.

One of the things we see all the time is when an individual sends out flyers or interacts with a prospect then never follows up, you must have a follow-up process, this might be flyering again or giving the prospect a phone call but companies lose literally thousands of pounds a year simply because they haven’t followed up and asked the question do you want to go ahead with our services.

Sometimes when you ask a prospect if they want to go ahead you will hear no, some will, some won’t, so what move on! If you do get a no ask for any feedback, is your price too high, were you too aggressive trying to get the yes? Some people don’t like feedback but I love it, I think there is no better way to know if you are doing the right thing and if it turns out you aren’t then you have the opportunity to adjust your offering.

Even if it is a no, take a risk and ask for a referral. Just because you weren’t right for the Prospect doesn’t mean that they don’t know anyone you might be right for, it may be that they don’t have the budget for you or you have prospected the wrong area. Always ask for a referral, what’s the worst that can happen? They’ll say no!


There are only certain ways to advertise a prospect, many people will tell you that they have a great method that works 100% of the time but I really doubt that. The best way to make sure a prospect sees your advert is to try and use different approaches, these are our top 5 ways to approach a new prospect.


Leafletting is a cheap and quick way to get your name out there but you have to put out hundreds and there is no guarantee that people will call instantly, sometimes the leaflet will sit in a draw for months, even years before a call is made.

Make sure with a leaflet it is clear what services you offer and make sure that there is a really clear call to action, this could be a phone number, email, or pointing them to a specific website to make sure that they can easily get in contact with you.


When people talk about networking they think of big networking meetings, having to talk in front of dozens of people however a network is a lot more simple than this, everyone even if they don’t think so. It could be as simple as people you have previously worked with, reach out to them and explain that you have started your own cleaning business you have no idea who they know from previous. They may have previously worked for letting agents and therefore have a large network for you to reach into.

Start reaching out to everyone you know and work your network.


Linkedin isn’t just beneficial for you if you focus on the commercial side of the cleaning industry it is beneficial for everyone. Chances are you will find letting agents on there so you can start to reach out to them and offer your services, just because it’s branded for professional people don’t feel that you can’t use it after all you are a small business owner and therefore are a professional person. If you aren’t using it then beat out some of the competition and start to use it.

Social Media

Places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tik tok aren’t really beneficial unless you are going for a purely domestic market however they will greatly help you promote your business, and therefore you should definitely be on all of them. The trick with social media is how to make it beneficial for you, the obvious way is to show the before and after photos.

Cold Calling

Cold calling has a bad rap but it is a great way to generate new business. Cold calling isn’t the art of picking up the phone to ring someone to make a sale. Cold CAlling in its simplest form is picking up the phone and calling someone who isn’t expecting it this could be an old prospector a lost client. If you haven’t ever experienced it I would highly recommend using cold calling as a tool.


When you try to get any sort of business you will always come up against objections. Objections are when a prospect reaches out and says ‘you are too expenses’ or ‘now isn’t the right time’ and we should expect them but objections are a good thing as this means they want to go ahead they are just working through the process if it was a no then you would have just got a flat no. When obju=ections come to light then make sure you handle them.

The best way to handle an objection is to be proactive about them, try and be in a position that they are answered before they become a problem. There are lots of ways to do this and the more you run your business the quicker you will spot them and are in a position to get ahead of the game.

Start by getting a notepad, every time you hear an objection make a note of it. Then sit down with your team and work out how to handle each and every objection, in truth, there are only about 10 common objections beyond this they start to be the same objection phrased in a different way.

Make a script for all the objections you have listed and learn them, the quicker you have a rebuttal then the easier it is to move past them. But this also means that you can start to add these scripts into the scrips that you use for the prospecting or even have them on the advertising leaflets or create a social media post so you are always ina position to get ahead of all issues.

Practice everything, practice the scripts you are going to use on a cold call, practice the objections and rebuttals. Don’t just talk to yourself in the mirror though, ask a family member or a friend to go through them with you and be as difficult as possible because this is all training, and the harder your friends and family make it the easier it’ll be for you when you have to do the real thing.


Once you have the objections written into the sales process you can start to close a lot quicker, the quicker you can close a sale the more sales you can make, the more jobs you can get, the more team members you need, and the bigger your company gets.

The more quotes you do the more you’ll learn to recognize the signs of making a sale, for example, if prospect starts to ask questions about the team, service, costs, etc chances are they are considering what you have to offer, once you can recognize the sale ask the right questions to start to close the sale.

The questions you ask should be open questions, by which we mean questions you can’t simply answer yes or no. They should be questions that lead the prospect to open up and talk more about what their needs are, this can be as simple as saying to the prospect ‘tell me more about that’.

A lot has been written about the art of asking questions however the simple fact is that if you ask someone a question that doesn’t have a simple yes or no answer then they will be more likely to start talking and the more they talk the more comfortable they will get and the more they’ll talk.

If they are showing all the right signs of wanting to close the sale then ask them for it. Sometimes people want to do something but need a little nudge. Never be afraid to ask openly ‘shall we do the deal’ If they aren’t quite ready or you have misread the signals they’ll give you a simple objection but you’ll very rarely lose a sale by asking for one.

If in any doubt you can offer a guarantee, in Home Clean Solutions, we never hold a domestic client to a contract but when closing a sale this can be a great guarantee to help get them across the line, it’s something we offer anyway.

Follow – up

If it’s a flat no that’s ok, some will some won’t so what move on. The important thing is to ask. But always leave on a respectful note as you don’t know when the prospect might come back to you. Make sure they know that you thank them for the opportunity and leave the door open as you walk out.

Since we have left the prospect in a respectful way this means that we can check back in with them a few months later, we aren’t going to sell to them we are just going to make sure that their services are being met by the company they did go to, we can do this in several ways such as giving them a call, sending a letter or dropping a leaflet through their door.

Whatever way you choose, make sure they have all the contact details they need for you. There is no point in spending time trying to close a sale just to have the prospect decide to go with someone else then decide to come back to you a few months later and realise that you always phoned them and they never saved your number, if they can’t remember the company name then you will have lost the client.