Having no training is no reason to buy into a franchise, in my opinion it’s the best reason to buy into a franchise because most franchises are designed for someone that doesn’t know about business therefore the franchors training systems and processed will help you develop and grow your own skillset surrounding business and you will always have someone you can turn too.

Being a new business owner can be very lonely, especially if you have problems and questions that you need to try and find answers to, where would you look? You may know someone who has run their own business but do they have the same ambition you do, would they be able to help you if you were having complaints from clients or are they more of a wholesale product distribution business?

One of the reasons I love franchises is that it creates a community of people who have all brought into the same business and are working to the same goals and usually if you are new and having a challenge then someone else is having the same issues so you can easily turn to them and get some advice.

This is also why the training is so important, you must get a clear idea of what is included in the training when you join a franchise. If you are new to business you don’t want to join a company that will just through a systems manual at you, give you a call in the next 6 months to check in. You need to make sure they will look after you, support you and have an open door policy so that if you have challenges you are able to pick up a phone and talk with someone quickly who will be able to help you resolve the issues.

Ask the question of what training do they run, what is coming up and are you able to join one to get a feel for what they are like, you don’t want to have someone speak directly to you, make sure they are interactive, fun and something you would enjoy attending.

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