1. People forget  the dirtiest place in the home

When people get asked the question what is the dirtiest place in your home they usually say the toilet however its usually the kitchen sink – Make sure you sanitise yours daily.

2. What’s in your bed with you?

You have upto 10 Million dust mites living in bed with you at any one time, this is why a regular mattress clean is always advised

3. Flushing a toilet can be bad for your health

Every time you flush the toilet millions of particles and bacteria fly into the air landing on all surfaces – make sure you close the lid before you flush your toilet

4. Silver doesn’t need expensive cleaning chemicals

If you have silverware in your home, don’t waste time and money on store-bought cleaning agents. Instead, smother it with some tomato ketchup or the inside of a banana peel, and polish clean with microfibre cloths and paper towels.

5. People didn’t like vacuum cleaners at first

When salespeople first started knocking on doors in an attempt to sell early vacuum cleaners, they were often insulted and abused. Householders of the early 20th century were often enraged at the suggestion their home was so dirty it required the help of modern technology. How times change!

6. Don’t just spray and wipe

When you use an antibacterial cleaner how long do you leave it for? If you are like most people you wipe it almost instantly. Every time you use antibacterial cleaner let it sit for about 60 seconds before you wipe it off.

7. Most diseases are preventable with good hygiene

If you do the basics of washing your hands regularly, cooking food properly and check storage temperatures you can reduce the chances of becoming ill by 75%

8. Finland is the world’s cleanest country

According to the Environmental Performance Index, Finland is the cleanest country in the world. Just behind in second place is Iceland, while Sweden and Denmark complete the top four.

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