Clare Gregg – Exeter

What is your position?

I am the Operations Manager for the South West Home Clean Solutions area including Plymouth, Exeter, and Exmouth

What was the last job you worked?

I was the cleaning Manager for a domestic cleaning company based in Bishopsteignton.

What was life like when you worked your 9-5 office job?

I wasn’t a fan of a standard 9 – 5 job where I had to go into an office each day because I found it to be very repetitive in the day-to-day tasks and very tedious. I found a lot of the time I never got any appreciation for the work I was doing.

How did it feel when you were working that job?

It felt like a stable job, but it also felt as though there was no way to progress through the ranks and I was really looking for something I could grow into and develop.

What were you most afraid of before joining Home Clean Solutions?

Pursuing a new career path, although it was doing a very similar job I feel that it was going to be a lot more responsibility and a much higher learning curve for myself.

What was the trigger? At what moment did you realize that you wanted more?

I realized that there was no progression for me within the company. I wanted to better myself and my family, by learning new skills and becoming a part of something amazing!

What happened next?

I explained to Home Clean Solutions why I would be an asset to their company and the skills I had learned previously.

Were you worried?

Yes and no. Yes, because change can be scary. No, because what did i have to lose?

How did you explain it to your partner?

I explained that WE were going to become a part of something better. This would mean that I would have more time to spend doing the important things – Spending time with my family!

How did you feel when you first heard about Home Clean Solutions?

I felt that it was a chance for me to learn and grow my knowledge.

What made you take the plunge?

I felt like it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the key to my success in the future.

What did your friends and family think?

After I explained it to them they were and still are so very proud of me especially my boyfriend, he has been very supportive of me in growing my area of Home Clean Solutions so far.

What’s the journey been like for you?

It has been full of excitement and growth. I have learned so much in such a small space of time.

How have you adjusted to running a business?

I have adjusted extremely well, considering it is my first time running a business. The support I get from the Home Clean Solutions Team on a daily basis is phenomenal!

How is life now?

Life is amazing, I wake up and look forward to going to work and really get to celebrate every win as I know they are mine.

What has been the biggest benefit?

Having more time to spend with my family, as well as the knowledge I have gained from this amazing opportunity.

What has surprised you the most?

Myself. I am surprised at how quickly I have adapted to a new environment and how much I have learned.

How do you feel about your future?

Extremely excited!

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