Clean vs sanitised  environments

Unless we work within the industry, we are all guilty of thinking that cleaning is just that, cleaning. The thing that you will soon learn if you speak to an expert cleaning company, is that cleaning is so much more than that. Cleaning has a number of approaches and terms which you may hear when discussing your cleaning needs, the most common are cleaning and sanitising. So, how are they different and which one could be right for your  space?

What do we mean by cleaning?

Cleaning is when visible dirt is removed from surfaces. This could be a variety of different dirt including soil, debris, organic substances and even micro-organisms. Whilst cleaning will remove the visibility of these things, it is important to remember that it will not remove all the contaminated matter, it will simply reduce their numbers and make sure that your  space looks and feels much cleaner.

If you organise your  cleaning, then you will usually find that it is done using a combination of water and universal detergent. This is often enough to remove the visible dirt and you may even find that it helps with low risk surfaces such as windows and floors, which pose a much lower threat of transferring bacteria and only need a clean to keep them looking nice and fresh. 

Cleaning of this nature is often the first step that Sparkle Cleaning will take when it comes to tackling an  environment. However, if there needs to be a much deeper clean then they will need to move onto sanitisation. 

What do we mean by sanitising?

The next stage in the cleaning process is sanitising. Sanitising is designed to reduce any harmful bacteria in an  space and get it to a safe level. In doing this, you are going to be decreasing the risk of any infections that could be spread. 

Sanitisation will be able to remove a much higher amount of bacteria then cleaning would, this is due to the specific sanitising chemicals which will be used during the process. They have been designed to kill as much as 99.999% of the bacteria that can be found in an  environment, which is an incredibly high percentage. It is a good idea to organise a sanitising level of clean if you have a kitchen space within your  as this will help to reduce the transfer of any bacteria and keep your  staff as safe as possible. 

Is there another option?

Whilst cleaning and sanitising should be enough for the average  space, there may be times that you require a much deeper clean. This is when you should organise disinfection. This is a cleaning process which will eliminate pathogens and disease-causing micro-organism. 

It uses a variety of chemical disinfectants from low level right up to hospital grade which will ensure that more and more bacteria is removed and cleaned. 

There are a variety of approaches to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your space. Make sure that you discuss which is going to be right for you and for your business.

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