There is often misconception between a regular, deep and end of tenancy service with clients asking for one but meaning another. What we would like to do in this article is to lay out what is included in each and why you would like it done so you can give us a call with a clear understanding of what you need to get your property to the standard you need.

Regular Service

A regular service is where almost everyone starts when they take on a cleaner for the first time, generally speaking this is what you want if you are looking for someone to come to your property once a week or fortnightly to stay on top of things.

When one of our cleaning teams comes out to your property they would look to spend no more than a few hours with you, this is because they aren’t going to be pulling out sofas and moving objects they are only going to be cleaning the visual areas, don’t worry they will still be doing bookshelves and window ledges!

Before we start a clean we will always make sure that you have seen our checklist, this is to give you an idea of what we will be cleaning so everyone is expecting the same. There will be an option though if you want to include other areas but beware if you want to skip a clean and have just your oven done, we find from previous experience you are much better off booking a deep clean to really get the results you want.

Deep Cleaning

Whereas we would do a regular service no less than every other week we would recommend that a deep clean gets completed twice a year. Most people are familiar with ‘Spring Cleaning’ to blow out all the cobwebs from the winter months, we also recommend a deep clean in the Autumn for the same reasons. Throughout the summer chances are you have had your windows wide open for the majority of the day, therefore the wind will be blowing dust and bugs in. An autumnal deep clean gives you an opportunity to clean all this down before you close the windows tight, if you don’t some of those bugs could work their way into the electric causing you severe and costly damage.

With all deep cleans we spend a lot longer on site, whereas a 1 bed flat regular clean would only take about an hour. A deep clean of the same size property would take between 2 and 3 times as long. This is because we start to move a lot more bits, we would pull out the furniture to clean behind, pull out the beds etc

As with the regular service we would show you the checklist to work to and this is the opportunity for you to add on any additional bits you would like such as ovens, fridges and freezers. We always make sure we have enough time to do the job as unlike regular cleaning where the property is priced in a deep clean we price by the room and item so we can make sure we allow the time to clean all the appliances.

End Of Tenancy

A end of tenancy clean is the most in depth clean Home Clean Solutions provide, we will spend the most time on site and generally use stronger chemicals as we don’t have to worry about people, children and pets being around as soon as we leave the site.

An end of tenancy clean usually takes place in a empty property and therefore we can get into the areas that are usually missed whereas in a deep clean we would go into detail pulling out sofas etc in a end of tenancy clean we would go into the corners of the cupboards and draws, pull out all white goods like washing machines and fridges. As with all the cleans we work off a detailed checklist as you can imagine on the end of tenancy cleans its a lot more detailed having over 100 points to make sure get everything.

You usually wouldn’t need an end of tenancy clean unless you were moving out of a property, as the name suggests it’s primarily designed for when you move out so you can get your deposit back from the landlord. However, occasionally some people refer to an end of tenancy clean in a bed and breakfast setting when one person moves out and another moves in.

The End of tenancy clean is the only clean that Home Clean Solutions offer a guarantee on. This is because most of the other cleans happen when you are about and therefore we would walk you round the property before we leave, with an end of tenancy it could be the next day before anyone walks into that property therefore we have a 48 guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the clean or there is an issue, let us know in 48 hours and we will get out to you to correct it and put it right.


When having an end of tenancy clean we alway recommend you include carpet cleaning. This is because it is generally the only time that the property will be completely empty and we’ll be able to get to clean the carpets and give them enough time to dry before anyone wants to walk on them.

As you can see there is a significant difference between a regular, deep and end of tenancy clean. At Home Clean Solutions we are able to clean to all three levels. We have trained teams, kit lists and checklists for all three.

If you are looking for a regular, deep or end of tenancy clean then get in touch with us and we will look to get you started.

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