The Cleaner is late

This can be frustrating for everyone involved and anyone who has ever had a domestic cleaner has had a situation when they are late, it usually comes with the excuse of ‘my car wouldn’t start’ – Make sure your cleaner has a contact number for you so they can get in touch if they are going to be late.

Things get missed

Unless there is an agreed checklist to work towards then things will always get missed. A simple conversation can go a long way to making sure that the cleaner knows exactly what is expected of them.

The bathroom still smells

Many cleaners will clean the toilet brush then put the toilet brush back into the holder without rinsing it off. A simple act that can have smelly consequences!  If you notice a nasty smell, put a little bit of toilet cleaner and water into the toilet brush holder so that it can soak plus the water will help hide the smell

You don’t know who to call if there is a problem 

When you work with a one man band and you need to get hold of them they’ll usually be working on another site and therefore won’t answer their phone so you’ll have to wait for a response, you could try emailing but that will generally have the same response.

They have broken something and disappeared

Unfortunately this is all too common in the domestic cleaning industry. Someone turns up and quotes you a low price, they say they are a one man band and therefore they don’t have to worry about overheads and can therefore reduce what they charge, however, what they haven’t told you is they also don’t have any insurance. This means if anything does go wrong they can disappear as chances are you haven’t taken any id from them, why would you?

By using a professional company like Home Clean Solutions we are able to make sure that these basic issues are taken care of before they become an issue for you. To discuss your needs, give the office a call or fill out the contact form below.

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