When Home Clean Solutions gets the opportunity to work with a new client we always want them to have the best experience possible and with all the checklists, training and directions we give them sometimes it’s the simple things that a client can do to help us and their cleaner so that the client gets the best experience possible.

When a cleaner starts a new premises there can often be miscommunication about what is needed for example are there any specific areas the cleaner needs to focus on for the first few cleans, these are often bathrooms and kitchens or do you have a family gathering coming up that you need the living room deep cleaned today before they arrive and the rest of the house can be sorted on the next visit?

Exactly the same as making sure that the cleaning teams know the right areas to clean isto make sure that they know what products you want them to use. All our cleaners at Home Clean Solutions will arrive with a cleaning kit ready to go however on occasion you might want them to use a specialist product for example if you have allergies that could be affected by certain products and need us to use your own hypoallergenic cleaning products.

Feedback is the best way to get the most out of your cleaning company, by giving feedback, good or bad, means that the cleaner knows if they are doing what you need. At Home Clean Solutions you will receive an email so you are able to give honest feedback, this means that we can feedback to the cleaning team so they can continue to deliver the high quality service we pride ourselves on and if you have a cleaner that doesn’t suit your needs this is an opportunity for you to let us know so we have an opportunity to change and find you the right cleaner.

Every cleaner needs time to adjust to new premises, we always recommend that a cleaner has 3 or 4 cleans to settle into the new premises. It takes a while to learn the flow of your property, which are the best rooms to start with, where are the plug sockets, etc. By asking for a new cleaner after the first clean you may be preempting that you don’t have the perfect cleaner for your needs.

It’s always nice to have a thank you from a client, yes you are paying the cleaner to clean your house however everyone likes some small appreciation, this could be as simple as a christmas card but it does make all the difference.If the cleaner feels more appreciated for the work that they do then they’ll go that little bit extra each time they visit.

The cleaner is there to clean and not to tidy, by tidying up and clearing the spaces to clean before your cleaner arrives you’ll have a happier cleaner who is able to come in and get on with their job. If the cleaner feels there is a need to fold the laundry, put washing away or line up shoes this takes away from the point of what they are there to do which is to clean and make sure you have a clean property by the time you leave.

These are some basic ways to help support your cleaner so you have the best experience possible, if you have any other ideas we are always excited to hear them. If you are looking for a cleaner then Home Clean Solutions are excited to help and support you, simply get in touch with your local cleaning team and they can talk you through the simple process to get you booked in and started.

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