Everyone nowadays lives a busy life and it’s the small things that often get left by the side of the road. Cleaning is often the biggest time taker after sleep and work therefore more and more people are opting to hire a cleaner. In a study in 2015 one in three people had a domestic cleaner for their home.

There is never a shortage of cleaners willing to clean your home. Companies will charge anywhere from £10 – £20 per hour but a good cleaner is worth their weight in gold. They will come weekly generally for a minimum time. They’ll get to know you, your family and your requirements. They will become more than just an employee of the household; they will become a member of the family.

Before you even think about trying to find a cleaner there are a few things to consider such as what needs to be done. Some cleaners will limit the services they provide for example ironing or window cleaning. Talk to your family about what needs to be done then, make a list that you can provide to anyone you talk to about taking on the role, this way its clear expectations between both parties to make sure that all the tasks can be covered.

Once you have your list ready to go talk to your friends and family. Ask if they have any recommendations since a cleaner’s reputation is gold to them chances are that if they are recommended to you then they will exceed expectations however you may also find that your friends guard their cleaners. If all else fails turn to the internet, be careful though some
cleaning businesses work as an agency and therefore cannot regulate the standards of the cleaners they promise on their websites. Before taking on a cleaner make sure that references are checked and they have the correct insurance before letting someone into your home.

Almost all cleaners have a set method of cleaning through a property and how to clean different items. If you need something cleaned in a certain way or special chemicals make sure this is all agreed on before the job starts. It’s also worth thinking about when you will need the cleaner to be there as for most cleaners especially if they are highly sought after you may need to be a bit flexible as they will need to fit you around other clients.

Once you have found the cleaner that you are happy with its worth settling for a trial period, this will give you a chance to make sure that their style of cleaning is what you are after. For example, cleaners who will go room by room to an outsider might seem completely random and if this were clients home this would properly cause disruption to their day however it all comes together in the end.

Some people like to clean before the cleaner comes. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing; a cleaner is there to clean not to tidy up for you and can’t reasonably be expected to pick up your dirty underwear or know exactly where all your books belong. Tidying and organising is a waste of your cleaner’s time, if everything is away before they arrive then they can get
straight to work cleaning the bacteria to a safe level.

Making sure you have a good relationship with your cleaner is down to you even if you are using an agency to employ. If you are not happy with your cleaner because they smoke too much, damages something demands more money, don’t work long enough hours make sure that you discuss these at the earliest point so they aren’t left to harbor. Make sure ground rules are set right from the beginning, for example use the saying ‘you break it, you buy it’.

Once mutual respect is gained you shall be at your most productive and you will find that your cleaner goes above and beyond what has been agreed.

Don’t forget to thank your cleaner for all the work they have put in, you are paying them, yes but an astonishment of something that is above and beyond will strengthen the relationship and be appreciated.

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