How to scale your cleaning business with no resources

To scale a business you have to be really clear about where you want to be, when you are in the growing stage you can be a bit more hap hazardous and just say the basics of I want to grow my business however once you start to scale you need to be very disciplined with your resources making sure that you have clear KPIS for all areas and a solid goal that you have broken down into 12 months, 90 days, weeks , days and hours if needed.

An error we see people make all the time is that they try to scale too quickly before they are really ready. What we mean by being ready is making sure you know how you are going to onboard 4, 5 , or 6 clients in a short time period when you have been so used to doing 1 or 2,. Do you have a process in place to get all the resources you need or do you know how much stock you would need?

Make sure before you think about trying to scale a business you have the correct people in place, processes and the right product. Until you are able to say with 100% guarantee that you have all these 3 in place then don’t consider scaling.

As well as have the right people, processes and products in place make sure you have the right values. As soon as you start to scale the business things get taken out of your hands very quickly and therefore if you and your entire business don’t have exactly the same values you can find that different decisions start to get made.

At Sparkle Cleaning we are very vocal about our core values, Family comes first, Keep it simple, Add Value, Make Money and Have Fun.

You should be able to walk up to any member of our team on any day in any franchise and they should be able to tell you exactly what they are. This isn’t just for vanity reasons, this is so they are able to make decisions in our absence, they are able to say to their supervisor or manager, I made this decision because it added value to the client or I made this decision because it put the client first in this situation.

As well as the core values we also have rules of the game, these are the simple things that are taught on repeat to all our teams but not necessarily written down, these are the simple things like learning the client’s name, when a client leaves an office and a team member says goodbye Dave instead of just goodbye it makes all the difference, not just to the team who feel they are apart of the facilities but to the client especially if they own the business because this gives them a feeling that the team member loves to work there and therefore they must be running a great company if even the outsourced cleaner loves to work there.

The important thing is to never compromise when you try and scale the business. I have personally seen it when a company wants a big contract so bad that they reduce their price, this means that they can’t offer the same service which means they then eventually lose the contract, the price is what you pay, the value is what you get.

Every client, every site regardless of if you are in the growth stage or the scale stage must have the same quality of service and the same consistency, if they don’t you can damage the reputation of the business very quickly.

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